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What is a Goga Mat Insole?

Many people compare Goga Mat insoles to memory foam, but they aren't the same. Read this article to find out how Goga Mat insoles are different to memory foam.

Joel Taylor
By Joel Taylor
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Edited by Taj Schlebusch

Published August 31, 2021.

Goga Mat insoles are often confused with memory foam insoles, but there are definitely some prominent differences between the two.

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Memory Foam Prioritizes Comfort

Memory foam insoles are incredibly soft and meant to prioritize comfort over everything else. These are most suitable for everyday use where they won't be subject to particularly high impact stress during strenuous exercise. They tend to mold to the shape of your feet exactly.

Goga Mat Insoles Are More Resilient

The major difference to memory foam is the fact that Goga Mat insoles are more springy and resistant than memory foam, similar to the feel of walking on a yoga mat. It's still softer than regular insoles, but not nearly as soft and moldable as memory foam.

Goga Mat insoles are meant to be a cushioning insole that will hold up under stress during high-intensity exercise. They are said to be more suitable for athletes, especially runners.

Should You Purchase Goga Mat Insoles?

If you are looking for a little extra support and comfort during your exercise, then Goga Mat insoles will likely be a suitable choice for you. If you're wanting supreme comfort and don't have any existing foot conditions, then memory foam could be a suitable choice for everyday use.

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