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4 Best Insoles for High Instep—Tested by Physical Therapists
Orthotics4 Best Insoles for High Instep—Tested by Physical TherapistsShoes are often made with the average foot shape in mind, meaning those on the extremes may not get what is ideal for their foot. People with a high instep fall into this category. The foot's instep is the bony structure on top of the foot. It runs from the back of the toes to the front of the ankle. If you find your shoes often rub against the top of your foot, you likely have a high instep. It also forces the arch up, causing high arches. This may cause instability and pain, because excess weight is placed on the front and back of your foot. Consequently, you may need insoles for adequate arch support to reduce tension on your foot. Therefore, it's essential to choose the right insole. Browse our list of the four best insoles for high instep available on the market below. » How can you determine your arch height? Learn how to work out your arch height at home Arch Support Custom Orthotics 1. Upstep | Arch Support Custom Orthotics Tailor-made orthotics to provide a long-term solution Provides arch support Design based on your foot shape and needs Comfortable Perforated top layer and well-cushioned bottom layer Affordable Eligible for FSA, HSA, and Klarnapay installments Extended return policy 180-day money-back guarantee Upstep's Arch Support Custom Orthotics factors in the shape of your feet, your age, lifestyle, everyday activities, previous experience with inserts, and even your preferred shoes to create a product specifically suited to you—making these orthotics inherently superior to general over-the-counter insoles. The Arch Support Custom Orthoics are ideal if you have a high instep, because while the top layer is perforated to reduce microbial action and manage temperature changes, the bottom layer is well-cushioned to provide adequate support to the foot arch. Additionally, Upstep orthotics are affordable through FSA, HSA, and Klarnapay payments. Not satisfied or need adjustments to the product? Upstep orthotics come with a 180-day money-back guarantee. Ramble Thin Insoles 2. Tread Labs | Ramble Thin Insoles Light, flexible support for a million miles Thin and light Ideal for shoes with thin removable inserts 4 arch heights Find the best fit for you Plastic arch support Helps with shock absorption and stability Million mile guarantee Easily replace damaged insoles Tread Labs Ramble Thin Insoles will easily impress you. Built for comfort and ideal for shoes with thin removable inserts, Ramble Thin Insoles are light on your feet and have two distinct layers: the top layer and the arch support. The top layer is well-cushioned and keeps the heel comfortable. It's also replaceable if it wears out. The insole's plastic arch support aids with shock absorption and brings stability to your foot during motion, making these insoles suitable for high instep. Additionally, Ramble Thin Insoles come with a million-mile guarantee, allowing you to request a new pair at any time if they crack or lose their shape. Shipping is free within the US and generally takes 4-5 business days. Comfort + Insoles 3. URthotics | Comfort + Insoles Ultimate custom comfort for sensitive feet Custom made Specifically designed for your feet Triple-layered top cover Increases comfort and durability Deep heel cup Improves stability and motion control Extended returns policy 6 months money-back guarantee URthotics Comfort+ Insoles are custom-made to suit the needs of your feet, especially if they're sensitive. The triple-layered soft top cover improves comfort and durability, while the deep heel cup and custom base provide stability and motion control. The arch support depends on the contouring of your foot, but it's generally designed to support your foot arch maximally—and therefore your high instep. Certain of its effectiveness, URthotics offers a six months money-back guarantee if the product doesn't satisfy you, including free adjustments. Additionally, URthotics are eligible for FSA and HSA. Green Insoles 4. Superfeet | Green Insoles Affordable and professional fit for your high arches Polymer stabilization cap Keeps your feet neutrally aligned Prevents odor Natural coating helps remove bacteria Affordable Reasonable prices with free shipping Reasonable return policy 60-day return policy Superfeet Green Insoles present a cost-effective alternative to custom orthotics. Consisting of a cushioned top layer, a deep heel cup, and high arch support, these insoles can help with your high instep. The top layer is made from high-density foam to increase comfort, while a firm polymer stabilization cap keeps the foot neutrally aligned and reduces repetitive stress on your leg, thereby reducing the chance of foot injury. Additionally, it has a natural coating that eliminates odor-causing bacteria, preventing odor in your shoe. Unlike custom orthotics, Superfeet Green Insoles come in ready-made sizes and may have to be trimmed to size. You may find the insoles become squeaky. But Superfeet offers a 60-day return policy if you're not satisfied with your purchase. Get the Right Support for High Instep The best you can do for high instep is to support it appropriately, otherwise, the alignment of your feet is affected, leading to pain and injury. However, with the correct insoles, your feet are comfortable and your body weight is evenly distributed, thereby relieving foot pain and reducing the impact of walking, running, or jumping on your feet. While over-the-counter insoles are helpful for many foot conditions, custom orthotics produce better results because they're made for you and aren't generic. Though some may be expensive in the short term, their durability and results make them cost-effective in the long run. » Looking for more custom orthotics? Visit Upstep's website
Best Inserts for Basketball Shoes to Prevent Pronation
PronationBest Inserts for Basketball Shoes to Prevent PronationBasketball players cannot avoid repetitive stress on their lower limbs—it just comes with the territory. Whether you're blocking a jump shot or trying to shoot the ball through the hoop, how your feet strike the ground can determine if you’ll go home injured or finish the night on the court. Even with appropriate shoes, the risk of injury remains. But with overpronation, the risk increases. However, there is a simple solution: add inserts to your shoes. If you haven't yet, then you may soon become overwhelmed by the number of products in the market as you conduct your search. Stop right there, because we've compiled a list of our top 7 best inserts for basketball shoes. » Should all athletes wear orthotics? Discover which athletes can benefit from wearing orthotics 1. Upstep Pronation Custom Orthotics Upstep Pronation Custom Orthotics are designed specifically for you by professional podiatrists based on your foot shape. As there may be different underlying causes in each case, these custom orthotics aim to provide you with a long-term solution that fits into your lifestyle easily. Their reinforced heel counters and arch support limit pronation and foot fatigue, while keeping the foot naturally aligned and allowing a range of movements. These insoles also guarantee maximum support, shock absorption, and foot pain relief. Finally, Upstep Pronation Custom Orthotics are affordable and HSA/FSA eligible. » What is underpronation? Learn the difference between overpronation vs underpronation 2. Upstep Basketball Custom Orthotics Upstep Basketball Custom Orthotics are a work of art and a natural top choice for basketball players looking to prevent pronation. These insoles have a durable polypropylene shell, a cushioned middle layer, and a high-quality top layer, guaranteeing comfort, shock absorption, and maximum energy return every time. Despite this, the insoles remain lightweight and won't drag you down. Their custom-made design ensures they fit easily into any sneaker, while efficiently reducing pronation and improving performance. » Should you wear sport-specific orthotics? Consider why different athletes benefit differently from orthotics 3. Superfeet Carbon Insoles Superfeet Carbon Insoles are lightweight, low-profile inserts made from carbon fiber material that will hold up to the demands of a long game or practice. It has a structured heel cup that provides increased stability and support for the arch, thus limiting pronation. Sometimes, they can be too thin, especially in shoes with very little cushioning. So, you need to pay attention to the cushioning in your shoe before picking one. They can also be slippery and slide around in your basketball sneakers, making them less than ideal. 4. SOLE Active Thin Insoles with Metatarsal Pad SOLE Active Thin Insoles come with a thin yet durable EVA footbed. The footbeds are made from recycled wine corks, making them eco-friendly. The footbed is multi-layered, has a pronounced ridge, and extra cushioning at the forefoot. Consequently, the insole keeps the foot aligned in its natural position and relieves pressure on the ball of the foot. However, the insoles are best suited for slim or tightfitting footwear. They're also not custom-made, but can be molded at home through heat or by being worn. Therefore, the fit and support may not be ideal. 5. Tread Labs Dash Thin Insoles Tread Labs Dash Thin insoles are also made from carbon fiber, making them light and super-thin. They have firm, durable arch support that limits pronation and improves foot alignment as well as deep heel cups that provide cushioning. However, it's not custom-fitted, thereby possibly reducing its effectiveness. Instead, it comes in specific sizes and four different arch heights that may require trimming to fit. 6. Protalus T-100 Elite Insoles Protalus T-100 Elite Insoles are durable, comfortable, and affordable. These insoles provide additional stability and comfort for your foot, because they support the subtalar joint, align the foot, and help prevent overpronation. You don’t have to worry about too much moisture or friction with Protalus T-100 Elite Insoles as it has a moisture-wicking and friction-reducing top layer. They're also thinner than the M-series, fitting in your shoes more easily. However, these insoles are best suited for low volume shoes with removable insoles. Therefore, these may not be as effective. 7. URthotics Active/Sports Insoles URthotics Active/Sports Insoles are custom-made, so even if you don't know your foot arch height or size, these insoles are designed to fit your foot contouring. Able to fit within your active lifestyle, the custom base and arch support provide stability and motion control, while the deep heel cup helps to relieve pain and overpronation. They are often made with a deep heel cup to align the foot. URthotics Active/Sports Insoles are expensive when compared to competitors but can be paid for with HSA and FSA insurance. Final Verdict Missing your favorite game due to injury is disappointing, especially when it's avoidable. While basketball shoes may offer some support, it's not nearly enough to effectively manage the stress from the game on your feet. Adding insoles to your shoes can help limit overpronation, but only if it's the right pair. Custom orthotics tick all the requirements across the board because it's based on your footprint, giving you the best support, while standard, over-the-counter insoles don't take your unique needs into consideration. » Still unsure about using orthotics? Read more about the benefits of orthotics for basketball players
7 Most Comfortable Golf Shoe Inserts for Women With Flat Feet
Flat feet7 Most Comfortable Golf Shoe Inserts for Women With Flat FeetFlat feet often result in pronation. This means that, apart from increasing the risk of injury, the efficiency of energy transfer between the foot and the ground is reduced, causing discomfort and preventing optimal performance. As a golf player, this influences your stance and therefore your game. While getting the right golf shoes can limit this inefficiency, it won’t restore your foot arch. It's also difficult to find a golf shoe that fits properly, provides comfort, and improves performance. Therefore, getting a golf insole is an easy solution that can realign fallen arches and help improve your golf game from the ground up. But there are so many insoles on the market, each with its advantages and disadvantages. How do you choose? Below we've compiled seven of the best golf shoe inserts for women with flat feet for your easy reference. » Have flat feet but don't play golf? Browse these insoles for flat feet tested by physical therapists 1. Upstep Golf Custom Orthotics Upstep Golf Custom Orthotics are an affordable solution tailored toward golfers. Designed by professional podiatrists, these custom orthotics aim to help you stabilize your swing and soften any side-specific pressures. You will also receive maximum support for your foot arches, keeping them naturally aligned and in position. Custom orthotics are made specifically for you and your needs, therefore whether you're left- or right-handed is also taken into account—all in the effort to optimize your performance. Finally, Upstep's insoles have high-quality top covers and cushioned mid-layers to guarantee comfort while you’re on the golf course. » Should golfers wear orthotics? Discover the benefits of orthotics for golfers 2. Upstep Flat Feet Custom Orthotics Upstep Flat Feet Custom Orthotics aim to be long-term solutions to flat feet by reducing damage and easily fitting into your golfing lifestyle. Each case of flat feet may have different underlying causes, therefore a custom pair of insoles are made specifically for you and address your needs. Apart from holding up your foot arch, these orthotics are also durable and well-cushioned, providing effective support. Additionally, Upstep's insoles come with a risk-free 120-day-money-back guarantee that allows you to return the insoles and are HSA/FSA eligible. 3. SOLE Performance Thick Insoles Made from recycled wine corks, SOLE Performance Thick Insoles provide cushioning and balanced support. It also has a deep heel cup that stabilizes the heel and prevents sliding from left to right, improving your stance and performance. Additionally, its Polygiene-treated fabric will also keep your feet smelling fresh for as long as possible. However, these insoles may not fit in your golf shoes and do not come fitted. They are heat- and wear-moldable, but this is not as effective as custom orthotics and may not provide maximum support. 4. Protalus M-75 Insoles The Protalus M-75 Insoles are ideal for larger shoes with non-removable factory insoles. Their tri-planar alignment system guides your body into neutral alignment, improving your balance and stance. These insoles aim to provide comfort and support with each step with their pressure-reducing higher sides. The Protalus M-75 Insoles are easily purchasable over-the-counter and are sold in specific sizes but can be trimmed if necessary. Therefore, these insoles may not provide optimal support because the fit is not perfect like custom orthotics would be. 5. Superfeet Widegreen Insoles Superfeet Widegreen Insoles come with a 60-day comfort guarantee because of their stabilizer cap, extra wide and deep heel cup, and high-density foam—all geared towards offering maximum support and comfort. These insoles are easy to move and adjust, however, they can get squeaky because of this. Additionally, these insoles may not be as durable when compared to competitors and may wear out quickly. 6. Tread Labs Pace Wide Insoles Tread Labs Pace Insoles are affordable and ideal for golf shoes with full-length removable inserts. They're designed to address overpronation because their molded polypropylene arch support ensures stability, support, and balance during your game. Additionally, Tread Labs Pace Wide Insoles have a cushion foam top cover that keeps your feet comfortable while improving alignment. However, these insoles are not custom-made. Instead, they're available in different sizes and arch heights, so they don't match your feet or needs exactly. 7. URthotics Active/Sports Insoles URthotics Active/Sports Insoles ensure you get professional-grade inserts that factor in your unique foot shape and activity level. These insoles are custom-made based on a mold of your feet. The top covers of these insoles are made from EVA materials, thereby guaranteeing comfort, while their deep heel cups ensure maximum impact absorption and foot stability. URthotics insoles are effective but can be expensive when compared to competitors. Final Verdict Because of the negative impact flat feet can have on your golfing game, it's important to choose insoles that will address your needs and improve your performance. Each case of flat feet can be different, therefore you run the risk of less-than-optimal support from standard or over-the-counter insoles. Custom orthotics tailored toward your foot shape remove this risk and give you the maximum comfort and support you need to dominate on the golf course. » Experiencing knee pain while golfing? Find out how orthotics can help prevent golfer's knee
7 Best Insoles to Treat Calf Pain in Athletes
Orthotics7 Best Insoles to Treat Calf Pain in AthletesAthletes are prone to developing calf pain because of the physical activities they do, especially if it involves high-impact activities or high running volumes. This places strain on the soleus muscle in the lower leg, resulting in calf pain. There are ways to mitigate and prevent the development of calf pain in athletes while reducing the prevalence of injury in the long term—including the use of insoles. While you may be overwhelmed by the choices in the market, we'll give you an overview of the best insoles to help you narrow your options so you can reap the diverse benefits of wearing orthotics. » Is your calf pain not sports related? Find the best insoles for alleviating general calf pain 1. Upstep Multi-Sports Custom Orthotics Upstep Multi-Sports Custom Orthotics are versatile insoles designed to improve your quality of life by reducing pain and providing optimum comfort for your feet. The insoles aim to support your feet throughout your athletic activities by improving their overall function and health.  These affordable custom orthotics are specifically molded to the shape of your feet—you can even complete the molding process in the convenience of your own home. Comfort is provided through the combination of high-quality cushioning material layers that support the crucial areas of your foot. Upstep's custom orthotics are an ideal choice for all-around activity by absorbing impact and keeping you injury- and pain-free through all your physical endeavors. » Think your calf pain is from a foot condition? Discover the best insoles for treating calf pain due to plantar fasciits 2. SOLE Softec Response Insoles The SOLE Softec Response Insoles provide moderate cushioning to your feet during your physical activities and aim to reduce strain placed on the plantar fascia under your foot, thereby reducing calf pain by extension. The insoles distribute weight and pressure equally throughout your foot to promote natural foot alignment during sports activities.   However, the orthotics aren't directly molded to your feet like custom orthotics. Instead, you're required to heat and mold the insoles to the shape of your feet after purchase, increasing the chances that they may not fit optimally. 3. Superfeet Flexthin Insoles The Superfeet Flexthin Insoles provide stability and support to your feet through a contoured design and a supportive, flexible heel cradle. The insoles further provide comfort and support to your feet under weight-bearing and reduce the repetitive impacts placed onto the structures of the lower leg.  The insoles are designed to fit well in slim-fitting footwear and can be trimmed to fit the shoe correctly. However, it's not custom-made, therefore you may not get maximum performance. 4. Protalus T-100 Elite Insoles The Protalus T-100 Elite Insoles provide moderate support throughout the entirety of your foot during physical activities and are geared to address foot pain experienced by athletes. The materials used aim to reduce shock in your feet, while providing arch and overall foot support.  The insoles are purchased complete and require you to remove the insoles of your shoes before inserting the Protalus T-100 Elite Insoles. You have the option of trimming the insole down to fit the shoe correctly. This insole is designed for standard volume, and low-profile style shoes, and could potentially be uncomfortable for some users. The insoles have also been reported to not be durable in the long term. 5. URthotics Active/Sports Insoles The URthotics Active/Sports Insoles cater to foot and ankle pain, including plantar fasciitis and generalized discomfort during physical activities. These insoles reduce shock and provide stability to your feet.  However, these insoles are geared more toward people who live an active lifestyle and not necessarily athletes engaging in strenuous physical activities. 6. Tread Labs Dash Insoles The Tread Labs Dash Insoles provide ultra-firm support in an effort to improve support and overall performance in physical activities. These orthotics are aimed at people who experience foot pain while exercising and for those who have flat feet. But these insoles may not be able to adequately improve the symptoms of calf pain that you may be experiencing. 7. FitMyFoot Full-Length Insoles (Orange) These orthotics feature a shock-absorbing supportive design, aimed at providing your feet with comfort and stability to reduce foot pain. The flexible design works to restore your foot alignment and reduce foot fatigue. But while the FitMyFoot Full-Length Insoles (Orange) may be effective in reducing foot pain, it may not be as reliable in managing symptoms of calf pain. Final Verdict An athlete looking for maximum support, comfort, and performance would benefit greatly from using custom orthotics for all their sporting needs. Custom-built orthotics are tailor-made to your feet, accommodating the shape and structure of your feet while being durable and absorbent to moisture. Affordable options are available that will last you for the long term. » Does all exercise require orthotics? Learn which athletes can benefit from wearing orthotics
Top 7 Insoles for Treating Plantar Fasciitis-Related Calf Pain
Plantar fasciitisTop 7 Insoles for Treating Plantar Fasciitis-Related Calf PainPlantar fasciitis-related calf pain is a commonly reported condition if you spend the majority of the day on your feet, you're an athlete, or wear high heel shoes. Plantar fasciitis doesn't directly cause calf pain but is rather associated with tightness experienced in the calf muscle because of the tension placed on your foot.  Wearing the correct insoles can help lessen this tension, but in a market saturated with products, it can be intimidating to choose insoles. That's why we've listed the top 7 insoles for treating plantar fasciitis-related calf pain below. » Is your calf pain unrelated to plantar fasciitis? Explore the best insoles for general calf pain 1. Upstep Plantar Fasciitis Custom Orthotics Upstep Plantar Fasciitis Custom Orthotics are designed to optimize your lifestyle by supporting the arch of your foot through specifically designed insoles you cast in the comfort of your own home. The insoles work by alleviating the tension applied to the plantar fascia on the underside of the foot and subsequently on the calf muscle itself. This affordable orthotic has shown positive results for many in alleviating symptoms of plantar fasciitis, proving to be a great long-term solution with a 120-day-money-back guarantee. » Are custom orthotics right for you? Compare custom orthotics vs over-the-counter insoles 2. URthotics Comfort+ Insoles URthotics Comfort+ Insoles are designed with a soft top layer for people with sensitive feet as well as metatarsal and forefoot pain. These custom orthotics are made from molds of your feet, thereby providing maximum comfort and support because they're uniquely suited to your feet. URthotics Comfort+ Insoles are more expensive than other options, but are also HSA and FSA eligible. 3. Superfeet Run Pain Relief Insoles The Superfeet Run Pain Relief Insoles are specifically designed for those struggling with symptoms associated with plantar fasciitis and have proven to be effective in alleviating it. The insoles come with a heel stabilizer designed to personalize your arch support and stabilize the foot within a moderate-fitting shoe.  However, these insoles aren't the same as custom orthotics and can only be adjusted to fit the size of your foot through trimming. 4. Tread Labs Pace Wide Insoles Tread Labs Pace Wide Insoles are made with firm arch support for those with wider feet that may be struggling with symptoms related to plantar fasciitis or severe pronation. These insoles fit well within running sneakers, hiking boots, and other footwear through a full-length removable design.  However, the insoles purchased come with a no-returns or exchange policy. The insoles are also made with four different arch height supports and finding the perfect one for you might prove challenging. 5. Protalus M-100 Insoles The Protalus M-100 Insoles are an extremely affordable way to provide comfort and support to people with larger or wider shoes. The raised edges around the sides of the insoles, notably on the inner side of the foot, aim to relieve pressure from your feet. Therefore, these insoles may be effective in managing symptoms related to plantar fasciitis.  However, some users have reported that the insoles are bigger than expected, thereby not providing an optimal fit. Others have reported they didn't experience as much relief from their symptoms as they might’ve expected. 6. SOLE Everyday Medium Insoles The SOLE Everyday Medium Insoles are a great alternative to prescription insoles, while still giving your foot support and aiming to reduce pain from plantar fasciitis. These insoles are a long-term solution for many by reducing the shock placed onto your feet structures.  However, some users have reported that the insoles are extremely firm and don't provide enough cushioning, leading to discomfort in the feet. 7. FitMyFoot Full-Length Insoles (Wave) The FitMyFoot Full-Length Wave Insoles are designed to relieve foot pain, achieve better body alignment, and make your shoes feel and fit better on your feet. The insoles are 3D printed for a maximum fit and are ideal for athletic shoes. The insoles come with a shock-absorbing heel cushion and dynamic arch support for those suffering from plantar fasciitis.  Final Verdict Custom orthotics are an ideal choice if you're looking for an affordable, long-term solution to the burning sensation and discomfort associated with plantar fasciitis and calf pain. The custom-made insoles are specifically made to support and contour to the exact shape of your feet during the manufacturing process, thereby giving you maximum comfort. » Suffering from flat feet and plantar fasciitis? Look for these features in your orthotics
7 Best Tennis Shoe Inserts to Prevent Strain on Your Achilles Tendon
Achilles tendon7 Best Tennis Shoe Inserts to Prevent Strain on Your Achilles TendonThere may be a variety of causes for the pain you experience in the lower part at the back of your leg, just above the heel bone—otherwise known as your Achilles tendon. Overloading your Achilles tendon through exercise, for example playing tennis, causes the fibers of the tendon to break down, leading to pain and inflammation. Without proper management, including rest, the pain will progressively get worse. Orthotics are commonly used to reduce the tension placed on the Achilles tendon, thereby reducing the chances of a repetitive strain injury. However, with so many options on the market, it can be difficult to choose a quality insole. But not to worry! Below we list the 7 best tennis shoe inserts for your consideration. » What are the symptoms of Achilles tendonitis? Discover causes and treatments of Achilles tendonitis 1. Upstep Achilles Tendon Custom Orthotics Upstep's Achilles tendon custom orthotics are specially made for your unique foot shape and needs. Make your foot molds in the comfort of your home before sending them to Upstep's specialist podiatrists to craft your personal orthotics. The orthotics are made from high-grade materials and designed to unload the Achilles tendon during physical activities. These custom orthotics are made to fit your lifestyle and are a cost-effective way of managing this condition in the long term. » Can you run with Achilles tendonitis? Explore the best arch support insoles for running 2. Upstep Tennis Custom Orthotics Upstep tennis custom orthotics are ideal for those looking for great support and comfort while playing tennis, both for grass- and hardcourts. The EVA materials used in the custom design work to improve the dynamic range of your feet, while reducing the chance of developing Achilles tendonitis during your tennis activities. Upstep orthotics are cast in the comfort of your own home and returned to you upon completion. Orthotics purchased from Upstep qualify for a 120-day money-back guarantee and are made from high-quality, durable materials. » Want to start exercising? Learn whether you should wear orthotics when exercising 3. Superfeet Flex Insoles The specific design of the Superfeet Flex insoles aims to cradle your heels within your shoes, improve comfort, and provide structure to your feet during your physical activities. The orthotics are made from durable materials, aiming to last you for the longer term. However, the Superfeet Flex insoles aren't made according to the unique shape of your feet, therefore you may not reach maximum comfort when making use of these insoles. Custom orthotics are produced for the exact size of your feet, thereby providing the best support and comfort for your feet. 4. SOLE Performance Thick Insoles With Metatarsal Pad This insole is designed to support the metatarsal (forefoot area) of your foot and reduce impact with the ground during physical activities. The insole promotes the natural positioning of the foot under strain, while providing a stable surface for you to move off.  However, these insoles are more geared toward providing support and comfort in hiking boots, winter shoes, and work boots. Therefore, they might not be optimal for your sporting needs. 5. Protalus T-75 The Protalus T-75 is a moderate-degree arch support orthotic aimed at providing comfort and alignment to your feet. The insoles distribute the weight on your feet throughout the entirety of your foot, thereby reducing pressure.  These orthotics are well suited for standard volume or low-profile shoes, so may be a tight fit when wearing them with your tight-fitting tennis shoes. Other insoles may be better options to provide you with the maximum support and comfort you require. 6. Tread Labs Dash Short Insoles The Tread Labs Dash Short insoles are designed to provide ultra-thin firm support for people partaking in physical activities, specifically for those that have flat feet or very low arches. These insoles can be used comfortably with tight-fitting dress shoes, ballet flats, or footwear without removable inserts.  The insoles come in four different arch heights. Choosing the correct height for your foot may prove difficult and may not give you optimal comfort and performance. 7. FitMyFoot 3/4 Length Insoles (Orange) The FitMyFoot 3/4 Length Insoles (Orange) are designed to reduce foot pain and achieve better body alignment. The insoles also aim to provide foot comfort and improve the stability of the lower leg complex. However, some users report not feeling maximal comfort when wearing these inserts or that the entire foot is not supported. Additionally, there are reports of the insole not fitting optimally inside the shoe either. Final Verdict While the final decision of which insoles to purchase depend on you, your needs, and your budget, we recommend custom orthotics. Based on your feet, custom orthotics will address your needs and provide optimal support and comfort, as opposed to generic, over-the-counter insoles. Invest in a long-term solution that will only be beneficial to you. » Are orthotics beneficial to all athletes? Different athletes experience different benefits from custom orthotics
7 Best Cycling Shoe Insoles for Flat Feet
Flat feet7 Best Cycling Shoe Insoles for Flat FeetHaving flat feet is a disadvantage when it comes to cycling. Apart from contributing to pain due to repetitive stress, it reduces your ability to pedal optimally. While cycling shoes can help bridge some of this gap, a proper cycling shoe insole for flat feet will do more. Knowing an insole for flat feet will help is one thing. Choosing the right one with the different types available on the market is quite another. That’s why we have reviewed the insoles on the market and listed the best cycling shoe insoles for flat feet below. » How can you treat flat feet? Try these exercises for flat feet 1. Upstep Cycling Custom Orthotics With research suggesting that custom orthotics are better for flat feet than prefabricated ones, Upstep cycling custom orthotics rank highest in our list of cycling shoe insoles for flat feet. They're designed by professional podiatrists using your unique foot impression and personal lifestyle information. The insoles are made of high-quality materials, have a durable polypropylene shell, high-quality top covers, and well-cushioned middle layers to guarantee comfort every time. The benefits of cycling orthotics include durability, maximum support and comfort to the foot, limited overpronation, and easier pedaling during cycling. » Do you need additional support while cycling? Compare the best cycling shoe insoles for arch support and plantar fasciitis 2. Upstep Flat Feet Custom Orthotics Upstep flat feet custom orthotics are somewhat different from cycling custom orthotics as they directly address your flat feet condition. They have a reinforced heel counter and moderate arch support to maintain body alignment. Additionally, Upstep flat feet custom orthotics are affordable, and you can pay in installments or with your FSA and HSA insurance. » Looking for everyday flat feet orthotics? Consider these best insoles for flat feet 3. SOLE Performance Thin Insoles With Metatarsal Pad SOLE performance thin insoles score extra points because of their metatarsal pads which help relieve pain in the balls of your feet and support the natural spacing of the metatarsal bones. They come in multiple arch heights and help promote natural foot alignment, minimizing overpronation due to flat feet. They also have a 1.6 mm cushioning underfoot, ensuring everyday comfort during activities. SOLE Performance insoles are not custom fitted. Instead, they're heat- and wear-moldable, so you can get a fit that's as close as possible. 4. Tread Labs Dash Insoles Tread Labs Dash insoles are rigid insoles made from carbon fiber, making them light and super-thin. These are performance insoles meant to improve foot biomechanics and aid optimal energy returns during physical activity. Apart from having thick arch supports, these insoles also have 5mm thick, ventilated top covers to prevent your foot from sweating too much. Dash insoles come in four different arch heights. While the low and medium arches are the most suitable for flat feet, they're less effective than custom orthotics that would fit your foot perfectly. 5. Superfeet Trailblazer Comfort Insoles Superfeet Trailblazer Comfort insoles have a very unique shape and help to stabilize the foot on all kinds of terrain, including very rough ones. Its features include a deep heel cup to stabilize the ankle joint and two layers of heel-to-toe cushioning to reduce fatigue and provide comfort. While Superfeet trailblazer comfort insoles are affordable, they provide a short-term solution to a long-term foot challenge. They're not as durable and may need replacement often. 6. Protalus T-100 Elite Insoles Protalus T-100 elite insoles give the necessary arch support for all foot types. The insoles are full-length with semi-rigid orthotic arch support and a tri-planar system that keeps the ankle joint aligned and the foot stable. They're also made with moisture-wicking fabric and microbial lining to remove any odor from your feet if you sweat a lot. However, these insoles are not custom-fitted and come in specific sizes that may warrant trimming to fit foot contours. 7. URthotics Comfort+ Insoles Like the Upstep insoles, URthotics Comfort+ insoles are also custom fitted to the foot. They're designed not just based on the foot contour but also on any pre-existing foot conditions and potential activities. Ideally, URthotics comfort+ insoles are best for those with sensitive feet. While these insoles can be expensive, and unfortunately there are no options to pay in installments, you can purchase the orthotics with HSA and FSA cards. Final Verdict In the end, your choice of an insole depends on you. However, if you want quality and want to make a long-term investment, we recommend choosing custom orthotics. These insoles are customized to your feet and needs, thereby giving you the best support. Also, if you don't want to spend time breaking in your insoles, your custom orthotics will be ready to wear when you receive them. » Are custom orthotics beneficial for all sports? Explore the benefits of orthotics for different athletes
7 Best Cycling Shoe Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis
Plantar fasciitis7 Best Cycling Shoe Insoles for Plantar FasciitisAs good and enjoyable as cycling is, it can have detrimental effects on your feet. If you throw plantar fasciitis into the mix, cycling can become a significant source of pain and discomfort. While proper shoes, cleats, and techniques may be enough for the average cyclist, those with plantar fasciitis may also require insoles. Whether you’re cycling for fun or professionally, those with plantar fasciitis must use the best insoles to maintain optimal foot mechanics, reduce plantar fascia stress, and, with time, reduce discomfort and pain. In this article, we've reviewed some of the market's best cycling shoe insoles for plantar fasciitis. » What causes plantar fasciitis? Discover symptoms and treatments of plantar fasciitis 1. Upstep Plantar Fasciitis Custom Orthotics Upstep plantar fasciitis insoles are made for you on-demand, factoring in your unique foot impression and lifestyle. The custom orthotics also guarantee maximum support and comfort, relieve pain, and ease the strain on the plantar fascia—possibly making them the best orthotics for plantar fasciitis and flat feet. Upstep insoles are firm and sturdy to improve shock absorption. They're also affordable and eligible for HSA and FSA insurance. » What exercises will help with plantar fasciitis? Try these stretches and strengthening exercises for plantar fasciitis 2. Upstep Cycling Custom Orthotics Upstep cycling custom orthotics have better footbeds than those provided by most cycling shoes. That’s not entirely surprising seeing as they're designed to match the contour of the individual foot. The benefits of cycling orthotics include high durability, improved performance, and reduced risk of injury. This is achieved by the unique materials the orthotics are made from because they evenly spread the pressure in the cycle sole to increase your foot's comfort, support, and stability. » Do you need additional arch support? Consider these cycling shoe insoles for arch support 3. Tread Labs Lael Wilcox Cycling Insoles Tread Labs Lael Wilcox cycling insoles are primarily performance-enhancing and not pathology-limiting, meaning they'll have a limited effect on plantar fasciitis. However, since they're made from 100% carbon fibre, they provide rigid arch support. Lael Wilcox insoles are best for shoes with thin or no inserts and come in generic sizes. There are also four different arch heights for individuals requiring different levels of arch support. Tread Labs Lael Wilcox are affordable and will work well if you can find a perfect fit. 4. SOLE Active Medium Insoles with Metatarsal Pad SOLE Active medium insoles with metatarsal pads are clinically proven to provide plantar fasciitis support. Due to the metatarsal pad, they also improve forefoot comfort in medium-fitting shoes. These insoles are designed from recyclable wine corks, making them carbon-negative and increasing their shock absorption. They can be molded into shape by wearing them on the foot, as opposed to being wear-ready like custom orthotics. 5. Superfeet Run Pain Relief Insoles As the name implies, Superfeet Run Pain Relief insoles are designed specifically for runners. However, they come with a wider forefoot and a deep heel cup, making them suitable for wide cycling shoes. These insoles have moisture-wick fabrics for odor control and can keep your cycling shoes smelling fresh, especially for those who sweat a lot. They also have a heel stabilizer and therapeutic foam to stabilize the foot and reduce the effect of repetitive stress on the feet. If you opt for Superfeet run pain relief insoles, you will have to worry about fitting as they come in generic sizes, which may somewhat reduce their effectiveness. 6. Protalus T-100 Insoles Protalus T-100 insoles are best for low-volume shoes with removable inserts. Although thinner, they provide more cushion and comfort than the M-series. These insoles come in specific sizes meaning there may be a need for trimming to find your exact size. Protalus T-100 insoles are affordable and can help improve performance as a cyclist. However, these insoles don't offer much benefit to those with plantar fasciitis. 7. URthotics Active/Sports Insoles The good thing about custom orthotics like URthotics active/sports insoles is that you don't need to know anything about your foot arch height or size beforehand. URthotics sports insoles are made based on the contouring of your foot. They also have a deep heel cup to keep the feet aligned. URthotics sports insoles may be more expensive, but if you have an active HSA or FSA card, you can pay with that or you can pay in installments using ShopPay. Final Verdict If you have plantar fasciitis and plan on cycling often, consider getting custom orthotics. Even if you have no plantar fasciitis, the perfect fit of custom orthotics to your foot will have preventive effects and can help improve your performance and reduce your injury risk. » Concerned about cycling with plantar fasciitis? Read these tips from a physical therapist
7 Best Insoles to Alleviate General Calf Pain
Orthotics7 Best Insoles to Alleviate General Calf PainIce and rest are among the fastest ways to relieve calf pain no matter the cause, while insoles, shoes, and medications are also helpful. Together, these treatment methods prevent calf pain from exacerbating and affecting walking. Insoles in particular help maintain optimal foot posture while reducing stress on the calf muscles. Choosing the right insole may seem intimidating because of all the available options, but there's no need to worry. We've done the grunt work and outlined the seven best insoles to alleviate general calf pain. » How do you know if you need orthotics? Discover which conditions may require orthotics 1. Upstep On My Feet All Day Custom Orthotics Upstep insoles are custom orthotics designed by expert podiatrists to fit your foot contours. They're made from an individual's foot impressions, thereby taking any pre-existing foot conditions into consideration. Consequently, they're extremely helpful in relieving foot pain by providing optimal cushioning, stabilizing the foot, and ensuring efficient energy transfer during walking. Upstep insoles are affordable and available for purchase using HSA and FSA cards, or through an installment payment plan available with Klarna. » Do your feet hurt after a workday? Find the best insoles for being on your feet all day 2. Tread Labs Ramble Short Insoles Ramble short insoles give firm arch support to the feet, keeping the foot aligned, redistributing the pressure on the foot, and minimizing foot fatigue. Tread Labs Ramble insoles come in four different arch heights and various sizes. While they're affordable, they aren’t as perfectly fitting as custom orthotics and are therefore less effective in alleviating general calf pain. 3. Protalus T-75 Insoles Protalus T-75 insoles are thin with a 3/4-length and semi-rigid orthotic arch support which helps to maintain proper alignment of the kinetic chain, thereby improving support and comfort. They're made from high-quality materials that minimize pressure on the feet while walking and also have moisture-wicking capabilities. The key disadvantage of choosing Protalus T-75 insoles is they come in specific sizes and may not fit the foot exactly. Protalus insoles also aren't very durable and need replacement within six months, less with heavy usage. 4. Superfeet Berry Insoles Superfeet Berry insoles are also thin and provide support and comfort to the foot. The well-cushioned and shock-absorbing foam pads at the forefoot support the feet, while the deep heel cup stabilizes the feet and prevents overpronation. These insoles are designed for women who are on their feet most of the time. As these insoles are full-length, you can trim them as necessary to fit inside your shoes. However, the insoles may become squeaky and may not provide the exact fit custom orthotics would. 5. SOLE Lifestyle Medium Insoles SOLE insoles combine sustainability with style and comfort. Using a soft synthetic nubuck top sheet, medium Softec cushioning, and an EVA base, SOLE lifestyle medium insoles provide firm but flexible support for all arch heights. They provide cushioned support and improve balance and alignment by distributing weight and pressure equally across the entire length of the foot. Unlike custom orthotics that are ready to wear immediately, SOLE insoles either have to be heated or used for about a week to mold to the shape of your foot. They also come in limited sizes. 6. URthotics Comfort+ Insoles URThotics are custom orthotics designed to fit the foot contours and provide maximum shock absorption and stability control during motion. With proper cushioning, your feet enjoy more comfort and protection, especially if they're sensitive. URThotics Comfort+ insoles are affordable and eligible for HSA and FSA. However, the insoles aren't available immediately—it may take as long as 14-21 business days. 7. FitMyFoot 3/4 Length Insoles (Blue) While full-length insoles often need trimming to fit inside of shoes, FitMyFoot 3/4-length insoles easily fit into all types of shoes. They help ensure arch support remains comfortable while reducing pain and improving body alignment. FitMyFoot insoles are made with flexible materials that increase their durability. They work best with shoes that have removable inserts and improve the shoe fit. However, according to the returns policy, the client is responsible for the shipping costs if it extends beyond 30 days of purchase. In Conclusion No matter the degree of calf pain, everyone will benefit from the support of a high-quality insole. While your choice must be made according to your needs and means, we recommend custom orthotics. The perfect fit to your feet and individual needs can't be beaten. Custom orthotics are a long-term investment that will continue to pay off. » Still unsure whether custom orthotics are for you? Read more about why and when to use custom orthotics

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