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Why do I have a limited range of motion in my heel/calf area?

Asked 2 years ago

I've been an active person for the past 5 years, and today I went to the gym, only to discover that any movement that involves my calf down to my heel is rather painful. It's almost like having shin splints backward. I can't make lunges, and simple straight leg stretches are tough too. I didn't want to push too much, so I stopped and left the gym, grimacing at the pain while walking. Should I be worried? How do I know if it's just a pulled muscle or more than that?

Blake Rodgers

Thursday, August 18, 2022

Sudden pain in the back of the leg and heel, especially with movement, may be caused by Achilles tendonitis. It occurs with strain or overuse of the Achilles tendon. However, you shouldn't be too worried. You can easily manage the symptoms with proper rest, icing the area, splinting, custom orthotics, and several other means.

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