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Where should I massage for plantar fasciitis?

Asked 3 years ago

I want to try massaging my foot to ease the pain and hopefully bring a bit f relief. What part of my foot should I be massaging to ease plantar fasciitis?

Hosea Machio

Friday, January 14, 2022

Deep tissue massage therapy focuses on using slow, forceful strokes to apply pressure to the underlying musculature. It relieves tension in the foot and breaks up scar tissue, allowing it to heal over time. The massage focuses on specific areas of the heel and arch, causing slight discomfort in the days afterward. It’s a proven method for reducing plantar fasciitis pain and preventing the unpleasant condition from worsening.

It’s crucial to treat plantar fasciitis by concentrating on the area where the pain is the most intense, with a secondary focus on the surrounding muscle groups. Starting on the underside of the arch towards the heel, focusing on the area where the ligament meets the heel bone, is an excellent spot to start. Push down on the sole of your foot with the heel of your opposite hand, going from the heel to the toes. Begin with longer strokes and light pressure, then gradually increase the length and pressure of your strokes. Increase the pressure by leaning in and massaging with your body weight.

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