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Best Orthotics For Dress Shoes

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By Janik Sundstrom
Kelly Hendrickse - Editor for Upstep
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Updated January 25, 2024.

Soft orthopedic silicone insoles prepared for women's dress shoes with high heels.

While dress shoes may look smart and fashionable, they often need to be worn for long periods throughout the day. This is especially common in more formal work environments that may have dress codes. But some people find dress shoes uncomfortable and experience pain after wearing them. People with pre-existing foot problems may find that these shoes worsen their symptoms. Comfortable shoes are necessary to keep you going throughout your day, and you shouldn't have to endure any foot pain.

Can You Use Orthotics in Dress Shoes?

Dress shoes are often rigid, narrow, and lack arch support. These all can contribute to foot pain. People with existing foot conditions, like flat arches, may experience aggravated symptoms due to the design of the shoes. Some orthotics may be an option to help alleviate the pain.

But many insoles are too thick for dress shoes and can put pressure on the top of the foot by pushing it against the tongue of the shoe. However, custom insoles, designed specifically for dress shoes, can provide cushioning and arch support through a supportive base for your feet.

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Best Orthotics to Wear in Dress Shoes

The right orthotic insole can improve pain from wearing dress shoes often. For many people who suffer from unbearable foot pain, whether due to other conditions or continued use of dress shoes, orthotics are even more of a necessity. So, orthotic insoles' cushioning and support can help reduce pressure from the dress shoes' narrow width and hard insoles, thus improving overall comfort. 

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Benefits of Wearing Orthotics in Dress Shoes

Custom orthotics have multiple benefits, but most importantly it helps reduce pain so you can wear your dress shoes without struggling. Some other benefits include:

Extra Support

The extra support that custom orthotics offer can improve your overall experience of wearing dress shoes. The orthotics can provide a built-up arch for better arch support and alleviate foot fatigue and pain that usually occurs after wearing dress shoes for a long period.

Doing this can also help prevent worsening symptoms for those with existing foot conditions, like metatarsalgia, plantar fasciitis, and flat feet. Because the orthotics are custom, the support can be tailored to your needs for maximum comfort and pain alleviation. 

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Custom insoles provide cushioning to help reduce the pain or discomfort in the underside of the foot caused by the hard insoles of dress shoes. The insoles have shock-absorbing qualities and can reduce the impact on the soles of the feet while walking or climbing stairs in your dress shoes. Cushioning can also help with weight distribution throughout the foot's surface and can reduce excess pressure caused by being on your feet all day.

No Style Compromise

Most people want their shoes to be supportive without jeopardizing their aesthetic or fashion. This could be for multiple reasons, like if they're attending a formal event or just want to look trendy for a social gathering. Custom insoles can be tailor-made to fit into dress shoes, thus improving functionality for comfort.

The custom insoles are designed to be thinner than other orthotics so they can fit easily into your shoe of choice. Thus, most dress shoes can have all the support and pain relief of other orthotic options while maintaining the shoes' look.

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Can Insoles Relieve Pain Caused by Dress Shoes?

Dress shoes are often associated with foot pain and discomfort, especially when worn for long periods. It can also worsen symptoms and pain of existing conditions, like metatarsalgia. To alleviate this strain and help you focus on your day without struggle, intervention is essential.

To avoid further pain and worsened conditions, custom insoles, like those at Upstep, can maintain your dress shoes' style while optimizing them for comfort and support. This can help give you the relief you need to be on your feet and do your activities without pain.