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Why does the arch of my foot hurt at night?

Asked 2 years ago

Hi, I am constantly on my feet during the day (I run a restaurant) and don't feel any pain throughout the day, but as soon as the evening comes and I put my feet up, the pain starts. Could it be that I am just too busy throughout the day to feel it, or is it strain?

Brady Woodward

Sunday, April 03, 2022

The arch could be burning for a couple of reasons. Being on your feet all day while running the resturant can be the primary cause of the pain in the arch of your foot.

Taking a look at the shoes you wear while running the resturant may indicate another potential source of pain. Shoes that provide a flat support and cushion the foot are optimal for long standing/walking activities. Shoes with a raised heel or high heels place the majority of the weight onto the forefoot, putting strain on the arch of the foot. The pain then arises at night when the shoes are off and the muscles making up the arch can relax.

Self massage with ointments or essential oils can provide pain relief. Consider your footwear and how to best provide your feet with the cushioning and support they need to cope with your daily activities. Your pain should decrease without an aggravating factor.

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