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Which orthotics help for flattening arches during pregnancy?

Asked 2 years ago

Hi there. I am currently in my First Trimester of pregnancy and have noticed that my feet are starting to lengthen and that my arches are starting to flatten. I am looking to buy an orthotic to relieve the pain that this is causing my feet. Any ideas on what type of orthotic will be best suited for me?

Janik Sundstrom

Janik Sundstrom

Wednesday, November 02, 2022

Orthotics are a great, safe and effective way of managing the loss of arch height that women experience during pregnancy. Orthotics work to support the arch when you're on your feet, redistributing the weight of your body throughout the entirety of the feet. This will prevent pain occurring from high pressure areas, as well as to maintain alignment of the ankle, and lower leg while carrying our your daily activities. Orthotics through support will reduce the occurrence of fatigue in the feet. Orthotics with a supportive arch support will be your best option.

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