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Am I allowed to walk if I have tendonitis?

Asked 2 years ago

Am I allowed to walk for small periods at a time, or do I have to stay off of my feet completely?

Hosea Machio

Friday, November 12, 2021

Yes.Tendonitis is a frequent condition that can knock you off your feet. Walking and standing can be impossible due to pain, and severe cases can result in instability and limited mobility. But remember tackling tendonitis comprehensively involves a rehabilitative approach of Unloading, Reloading, and Prevention. Consequently, during unloading, you’ll rest, apply icing, elevate, and apply Compression. But as foot heal you can start loading with simple activity such as walking (on flat then up stairs), toe raises as tolerated. Then finally, prevent by supporting your feet with orthotics or insoles and avoiding impact activity that could potentially induce overuse until you heal.

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