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Can walking barefoot help with foot supination?

Asked a year ago

I saw a video online saying that walking barefoot (especially on rocks and uneven surfaces) is good for your feet and can help correct supination. Is this true?

Kris Noble

Thursday, February 16, 2023

Walking barefoot has been linked to improving supination in the feet due to the foot needing to maintain it’s natural alignment without the support of a shoe. It’s been understood that shoes, for the most part, support the foot in such a way that it limits the amount of supination the foot/ankle complex will experience when placed under the weight of the body. Going barefoot on uneven or soft surfaces is beneficial to strengthening the muscles of the foot & ankle complex, especially seen in those that walk regularly barefoot on sandy surfaces.

It is, however, not advised to walk on rocks as this may lead to pain arising in your feet. Due to the larger surface area of the foot making contact with the ground as seen in those with excessive supination, objects like rocks may cause pain in the arch area of the foot. The other option you could consider is insoles or orthotics designed for those with supination, which has proven to be extremely beneficial in managing supination and symptoms that may arise from this.

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