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Should I be weightlifting if I have foot supination?

Asked a year ago

Hi everyone, I'm 15 and want to get into weightlifting. I have supination in both feet and was wondering if this could have any negative effects in the future? I'm worried that if I start doing heavy squats, deadlifts and other foot related exercises that it could make the problem worse. Thanks !

Gilberto Walters

Thursday, February 16, 2023

Thanks for the question. Supination in the feet shouldn't pose a major problem to your weightlifting activities, provided you don't already have pain or discomfort and instability in the foot. Wearing supportive shoes or making use of orthotics to support the foot while doing these activities is recommended to prevent injuries or issues in the feet in the future.

Wearing shoes that are flat and feature little heel drop are ideal for weightlifting due to the increased stability that they provide. Running shoes with soft soles, for example, may increase the amount of supination experienced in the feet when going through movements, such as deadlifts and squats. General foot and ankle strengthening will further help to limit the potential risk of injury while weightlifting.

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