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Can custom insoles help to cure hammertoe?

Asked a year ago

Has anyone tried using custom insoles in their shoes or boots to treat hammertoe?

Albert Proctor

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

With hammertoes, your toes curl downwards, causing pain and difficulty walking. That's why custom insoles are helpful in its treatment. Custom insoles will align the bones of the feet and provide additional cushioning and support where needed. While it won't cure the deformity, these insoles will significantly alleviate the symptoms.

Theodore Carroll

Monday, February 20, 2023

Custom insoles can help to prevent hammertoe by maintaining the alignment of your toes while weight bearing. Further, insoles will cushion and provide support to your feet, alleviating the stress placed on your forefoot and toes. However, insoles may not cure hammer toes entirely—they play a role in preventing the condition from getting worse or starting altogether.

Wearing loose-fitting shoes or shoes with a wide toe box can also help to prevent hammertoe. Applying an ice pack to the painful toes can aid in relieving any pain or discomfort.

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