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Can I develop hammertoes from having high arches in my feet?

Asked 2 years ago

Hi, I was looking at my feet while bathing and realized that my second toe is rather bent by the second joint. I'm assuming this means I have a hammertoe, but I can still move it. I've had high arches for a couple of years now, but this toe thing is new. Could it be caused by having high arches, or is it totally unrelated? Do I have to go to the doctor's?

Lamar Winters

Saturday, September 03, 2022

It is indeed possible for hammer toes to develop in feet with high arches, which is related to the extensor tendons of the foot pulling downwards on the foot. Unsupportive shoes with narrow toe boxes or shoes that are too small, can lead to the development of hammer toes. Stretching the calf muscle and muscles on the underside of the foot is helpful in managing this condition, alongside custom insoles to support the arches throughout the day. Consult with a medical doctor regarding this if considerable pain and reduced mobility is experienced.

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