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Is it better to have high-arched feet or flat feet?

Asked 2 years ago

So here's a question that is up for debate. As someone who suffers from having high arches and being unable to walk for very long. What would having flat feet be like? Is it less painful than curling toes and an awkward gait? What kind of foot support and treatment do you use?

Willie Peterson

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

In more severe cases of both conditions, a reduced ability to walk or run with pain or discomfort is common. With flat feet, the loss of arch height can lead to a loss of biomechanical alignment in the whole lower limb complex, and pain in the ankle, knee, hips and lower back is common. The increased pressure placed onto the arch of the foot in people with flat feet can cause the person to be predisposed to developing injuries, as with those with high arches. Both conditions require custom orthotics to effectively support the feet under weight-bearing or with the use of corrective shoes.

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