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Can custom orthopedic insoles cause knee pain?

Asked 3 years ago

Is it normal that my knees hurt since I got my orthotics for plantar fasciitis? Ever since I got the insoles, my knees hurt so much, and I can’t squat as much as I used to. The podiatrist said it would take a couple of weeks to adjust, but it’s been over two months, and my legs are in pain.

Crystal Fields

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

If it is a perfectly made custom insole, then it shouldn't create any knee pain. As a matter of fact, a fitting custom insole shouldn't cause any pain, and it is supposed to give you relief from any other pain in your feet. If your custom made insoles are giving knee pain, then you should get them fixed as soon as possible.

Jasper Emerson

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

No it is not normal to have knee pain with orthotics for plantar fasciitis. In fact a proper fitted insoles can relieve the stress and strain on the foot and develop good posture even for the knee. So please get them checked once again from your podiatrist.

Lemuel Duran

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Research has shown that correctly prescribed orthotics that address the needs of your feet are helpful rather than detrimental. There are other intrinsic factors and extrinsic factors that might be causing your knee pain other than your custom orthotics.

Extrinsic include:

  • Practicing incorrect training or sport technique and running on sloppy surfaces
  • Having too rapid of a training program or volume of activity or changing your activity level without a gradual break-in period.
  • Changing the surface you exercise on, such as going from a soft surface (like an indoor track) to outside on gravel or concrete.
  • Using poor equipment or improper footwear (shoes that are too worn out, too flimsy or too stiff).

Intrinsic factors mainly include increased body weight and altered anatomy of the body ( e.g. poor gait due to poor foot biomechanics).

When squatting, do it gradually. Avoid burpees and . Stretch your thigh calf and leg muscles. After activity ice, and wear a compression stocking. Above all get enough rest to allow healing. I’ll suggest you check if you are doing your activities right. You might have gained weight too. Get these things fixed and your pain will probably go away. Happy feet!

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