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Is It Possible to Wear Orthotics Too Often?

Many conditions require the use of orthotics as often as possible for the best and fastest results. However, could you possibly be wearing them too often?

Joel Taylor
By Joel Taylor
Taj Schlebusch
Reviewed by Taj Schlebusch

Published July 31, 2021.

When you get your first set of custom orthotics, more often than not, you want to achieve the goal of being able to wear them throughout the day in order to give your body the best chance at correcting the errors in your feet. However, is it possible that you could be wearing your orthotics too often?

How Often Should You Wear Orthotics?

In short, the duration that you should wear your orthotics is situational

Not all conditions require the constant use of orthotics in order to correct them. If you have a severe condition such as flat feet (fallen arches), then it's advised to get a pair of hard-plastic orthotics and wear them as much as possible.

However, if all you need is some extra cushioning during strenuous and highly impactful exercise, then wearing them all the time could weaken the muscles in your feet and put you at more risk for errors in the future.

Are Orthotics Permanent?

The ultimate goal for getting a pair of orthotics is to someday not have to wear them at all. You want to correct the issues in your feet to have them operating normally. Unfortunately, such is not always the case. Chronic conditions that have no chance of a full cure might require the use of orthotics permanently, whereas milder conditions should require less support over time.

A Final Thought: When Should You Stop Using Orthotics?

A single pair of orthotics will never last forever. Usually, they need to be replaced every few years, upon which your podiatrist will re-examine you and monitor your progress.

In addition, your podiatrist will inform you how often you should be wearing your orthotics for your specific condition and you should stick to their advice as accurately as you can. Wear them neither more nor less than the recommendation for the best results.

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