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Do orthotics help relieve back pain?

Asked 3 years ago

Good day all, I've been sitting with persistent back pain, and someone told me I should try orthotics. Would they really help to ease the pain?

Hosea Machio

Tuesday, December 07, 2021

Custom foot orthotics are helpful for a wide range of problems, including Lower Back Pain! Custom foot orthoses have been shown to considerably improve pain and disability scores, according to current medical literature.

Custom foot orthoses can be used to control foot motions that can travel up the leg and into the lower back. Excessive foot movement might be translated into rotational movement of the leg. This rotation can be transferred up to the knee, potentially producing knee pain, or it can pass through the knee and up to the hip, causing the muscles in the lower back to work overtime to stabilize.

Orthotics must be as specific as the feet for which they were designed; thus, each pair should be made with the individual's requirements, biomechanics, and lifestyle considerations in mind.

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