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Will I get back pain and shin splints from having high-arched feet?

Asked 2 years ago

What side effects does having arch feet get you? From my understanding, your feet are quite important in terms of balance and if your feet are unaligned then your spinal cord, legs, and hips will suffer as well. Not so? I have already started suffering from a dull ache in my back and shin splints, and of course, I have high arches. Is there any way to counteract this chain reaction?

Bryan Cantu

Saturday, September 03, 2022

High arches have been associated with an increased risk of developing lower back and pain in various joints of the legs. This is caused by biomechanical misalignment starting in the feet, causing other structures to over-compensate in an effort to create movement. Supporting the arches of the feet with custom insoles is extremely helpful in restoring biomechanical alignment and efficiency from the ground up, taking strain off the rest of the body.

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