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Supination is caused by the weakening of which muscles?

Asked 3 years ago

If you have foot supination, what are the muscles that weaken to cause this?

Jamie Wise

Friday, November 12, 2021

In normal circumstances, your foot should roll inward a little (pronate) in a typical stride so that your weight is on the ball of your foot. The big toe is then pushed off. When you supinate, the majority of your weight is distributed to the outside of your foot, and you push off with your toes instead of your heels. A previous foot injury that affected your tendons or muscles can lead to abnormal supination. The main soft tissue causing of improper supination are tight plantar fasciae, calf, and tibilias muscles. Nevertheless, wearing suitable shoes and orthotics is one way to cure or avoid excessive supination.

Peter Rost

Peter Rost

Monday, November 15, 2021

Weakened muscles are not a cause of supination. Unless there is a structural deformity of the legs, over-supination is usually caused by tightened lower leg muscles. Initiate a stretching program and see if that brings relief.

Wilbur Osborne

Monday, June 06, 2022

The anterior tibialis muscle, which runs between the inner leg and the ankle, controls the natural pronation of the foot. Other contributing structures are the extensor digitorum longus and the extensor hallucis longus. When there is weakness in these muscles, the foot begins to supinate excessively.

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