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Does plantar fasciitis cause heel spurs?

Asked 2 years ago

It started with plantar fasciitis, and 6 months later, it started becoming hard to walk barefoot. My heel has started aching, and now and then, there would be a sharp pain. I have been treating the plantar fasciitis from home with essential oils, massaging, cold foot soaks, and avoiding walking too much. But now this has happened. Could plantar fasciitis cause it?

Kaden Stewart

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Yes, It can. Plantar fasciitis can create tension and inflammation, which can lead to heel spurs.

Your body responds to stress by forming more bone tissue over time. A heel spur is the result of this excess tissue. The majority of people do not experience discomfort from a heel spur, but when they do, the pain is similar to that of plantar fasciitis.

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