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Are custom orthotics covered by FSA?

Asked 2 years ago

Does anyone know if shoe orthotics are FSA-eligible?

I want to get custom shoe insoles/orthotics with my FSA credit. I read that FSA covers insurance payments and medical devices, so I think FSA should also cover shoe orthotics. Do I get orthotics with FSA credit, or should I pay and get a reimbursement?

This is a question for @Upstep, your help is appreciated!

Upstep Staff

Upstep Staff

Monday, November 15, 2021

Yes, of course.

You can buy custom orthotics with your FSA funds. You can get receipts that allow you to obtain reimbursements based on your insurance plan.

All of Upstep's orthotics are FSA eligible:

Upstep has orthotics for any type of foot condition or sport, and all of them are covered by your FSA insurance.

Abel Austin

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Yes, custom orthotics are covered by FSA. Upstep makes it very easy for you to buy custom orthotics with your FSA and HSA dollars before they expire. Besides, FSA, custom orthotics like Upstep are also covered by HSA and HRA., but it doesn't fall under DCFSA.

Jan Hodges

Thursday, November 18, 2021

The FSA Program helps you set aside tax-free funds for eligible medical or dependent care expenses, including custom orthotics. Regardless of the brand or material, if you purchase orthotics with your money, you can request reimbursement provided you can provide the receipt for the purchase on request. Buying custom orthotics from Upstep makes this whole process easy because upon completing your order, they send you an itemized receipt.

Sylvester Henson

Monday, November 22, 2021

You are eligible for FSA reimbursements when you buy Upstep orthotics. You can either pay directly with your FSA card while ordering your orthotic. Otherwise, you can request a detailed invoice afterwards for submission to your FSA provider to get reimbursed for any money spent.

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