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Do orthotics help with weak ankles?

Asked 3 years ago

I have chronic ankle instability and am looking for the best support for my weak ankles. I have already suffered multiple sprains in my life and don't really want to keep going through the same painful injuries over and over again. What are orthotics supposed to do for your foot if your ankles are weak because mine are far from stable? Apparently, it's progressing into overpronation now, which is something I'd like to avoid.

Jair Stanton

Wednesday, October 06, 2021

Yes. Weak unstable ankles disrupts natural body alignment. This leads to increase in foot impact when it hits the ground causing injury or pain in your ankle overtime. Foot orthotics such gel insoles help cushion against the impact while walking. However, for your case, you require specially designed orthotic insoles to support your weak ankles, offer stability by reducing overpronation while cushioning against impact and shock when walking.

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