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If you tear a tendon in your foot, how should you treat it?

Asked 3 years ago

What should I do to treat a torn tendon? Are they ways that I can reduce some of the pain and inflammation? Should I stay off my feet completely?

Hosea Machio

Monday, November 15, 2021

In acute stages rest, apply ice 3 times a day, wear a compression orthotic, and elevate your foot to reduce pain and inflammation. You can also use NSAIDs to reduce pain. As pain reduces begin by laoding the affected joint with strengthening exercises and stretches afterwards. Do strengthening exercises as and avoid ballistic stretches.

Remember tendinitis is most usually caused by overuse, try to make your activities of daily living and work or workouts less repetitive and always maintain proper form. You’re still at danger of re-injury after recovering from tendonitis.

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