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Do heel balms help to treat cracked heels?

Asked a year ago

Hi there. I am suffering from deep cracks in my heels, and I am searching for a solution to alleviate the pain that this is causing. Is it worthwhile for me to try a heel balm to reduce inflammation?

Janik Sundstrom

Janik Sundstrom

Wednesday, November 02, 2022

Heel balm or creams are a safe and effective way to manage dryness of the feet which eventually leads to cracking. using creams or balms its anti-inflammatory reducing properties can further help you in reducing the inflammation you are experiencing in the feet. Making use of orthotics or insoles with heel cushioning can play a major role in supporting the heels as weight is placed onto them. This can be used in conjunction with heels balms or creams to reduce cracking of the skin round the heel.

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