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What are the recommended insoles for golf shoes?

Asked 3 years ago

Hey guys! I'm looking for insoles for my husband's golf shoes. He's been starting to experience some pain in his ankles, and we want to try out some insoles that are specifically designed for posture. Any suggestions?

Hosea Machio

Wednesday, December 08, 2021

Golfers are strongly advised to use custom-made golf orthotics. Upstep's golf orthotics are among the best available online, as they are custom-made for each foot to help balance your swing and relieve side-specific pressures. Upstep's golf orthotics are designed specifically for left and right-handed golfers, as each foot is subjected to different strains. Upstep's golf arch supports are constructed of EVA materials and help golfers improve their posture and foot alignment. They reduce discomfort thus lower fatigue caused by standing or walking for a prolonged period and provide midfoot support to help you get a proper swing while hitting the ball. Upstep has the perfect blend of support and cushioning in one orthotic design.

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