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Does foot supination have any relation to ankle pain?

Asked a year ago

Anyone know if the two are related? I've had supination in both feet for as long as I can remember and recently I've been experiencing ankle pain. Generally starts after about half an hour of walking. I'm in my late 20's for reference if that helps. Cheers !

Nelson Rubio

Thursday, February 16, 2023

Supination in the feet and ankle pain are well understood to be related, especially in those with excessive supination in their feet. Due to the outward roll of the foot when placed under weight; strain is placed on the muscles and ligamentous structures on the outer side which leads to pain arising in this area. Standing or walking for a period of time places strain on the outer structures of the foot and will lead to the pain you are experiencing.

Orthotics and supportive shoes can be extremely helpful in supporting the feet while your carry out your daily activities, reducing the strain placed on these structures mentioned above. This might be an affordable and effective way to reduce the pain in your ankle.

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