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Is it safe for me to do acupuncture on my own heels?

Asked a year ago

I know where the acupressure points are on my heels and want to do acupuncture on them. Is it safe for me to do this myself?

Rodney Wheeler

Saturday, July 02, 2022

It is not advised to do acupuncture on your heels if you are not a trained acupuncturist, as this could potentially lead to localised pain in the area. Although acupuncture may reduce plantar fasciitis pain in the short term, there is insufficient evidence for a definitive conclusion regarding its effectiveness in the longer term. Complications such as plantar plate ruptures can occur if done incorrectly.  

Massage, orthotics and ice can be helpful, less invasive conservative management strategies that you can use to manage your heel pain. Massage can be done using your fingers or a ball to do so. Orthotics will reduce shock placed onto the area when walking or running. Should you have a flare-up of heel pain, ice can be applied to reduce the inflammation in the area. You can also try a host of stretching exercises with the aim of reducing your symptoms of heel pain. 

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