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Does underpronation cause back pain?

Asked a year ago

I have very bad back pain along with underpronation in my feet. Is it possible that the underpronation is the cause of my back pain?

Sylvester Henson

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

It is very well possible that the under-pronation, you describe in your feet, can be a cause of the back pain you currently have. Our feet and their biomechanical alignment with the ankles and lower legs have a great impact on the structures above, such as the knee, hip and lower back . Issues here in the feet may translate to issues above. It is important to rule out any localised injury to the back itself, usually associated with picking up or carrying heavy objects, or due to sporting relative activities. This usually brings on sudden symptoms of back pain. 

Should you be experiencing a gradual onset of back pain when moving or walking, then it could indicate a biomechanical issue in the body. Using orthotics, you can support and manage the under-pronation you see in your feet, and prevent unwanted injuries or pain arising in the area. Upstep has a host of custom orthotics for you to choose from to help you manage this sort of condition. A host of exercises and other conservative management strategies can also be used to mange your back pain.

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