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How can you tell if you have torn a tendon in your foot?

Asked 2 years ago

Is there a clear cut way to know if you have torn a tendon in your foot? What are some of the signs?

Hosea Machio

Saturday, November 13, 2021

The sensation of a ruptured tendon at the time of accurence is similar to that of a rubber band snapping or being kicked in the shin . Foot pain, rapid bruising or inflammation and inability to bear weight can indicate torn tendons. Specific tendons are subject to their own individual tests. Squeezing your calf muscle while flexing your knee, for example, is an Achilles tendon tear test that entails seeing if your foot will reflexively flex. If it doesn’t, your Achilles tendon is most likely ruptured.

Peter Rost

Peter Rost

Monday, November 15, 2021

Diagnosing a torn tendon should be left to a medical professional with the education and experience in treating such conditions. The foot is too essential to life to be subjected to DIY diagnosis.

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