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How do you get rid of pain on the top of your foot?

Asked 2 years ago

The tops of my feet have been burning for a week or two, and recently this has been coupled with some stiffness. Is there any over-the-counter medication that I can buy to relieve the burning sensation in my feet? Aside from medication, are there other available methods to relieve the pain?

Lamar Winters

Monday, October 11, 2021

Strengthening and stretching exercises will elongate tendons and ligaments thus help relieve pain. They also increase blood flow, flexibility, and gait mechanics. I used to apply ice and take oral NSAIDs whenever I had one of those acute foot pain after long walks. Talk to podiatrist if symptoms persist. Recently I talked to Upstep podiatrist who gave me a regimen and orthotics that really help with support and biomechanics. They’ve helped and it’s been long since my foot inflamed after walks or a run

Janik Sundstrom

Janik Sundstrom

Thursday, April 21, 2022

The first thing to try and determine is what is causing or aggravating the pain on the top of the foot - is the pain arising after certain activities, and what are my footwear choices throughout the day. Asking these questions may direct you in determining the cause of your pain. For example, a tight fitting shoe that compresses the top of the foot when the shoe is tightened may be a possible reason for your foot pain. Stretching the muscles of the lower leg and foot may also provide relief to your pain symptoms, while strengthening the muscles making up the arch would be helpful in supporting the arch, preventing potential pronation (inward roll) of the foot and ankle. Ice and rest may also help relieve your symptoms. Custom orthotics have been extensively used to prevent and manage pain in the foot and may prove to help you support the foot and distribute the weight evenly. Consult with a medical professional should the pain get worse or result in a loss of function. 

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