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What is the greatest benefit of orthotics?

Asked 2 years ago

Hi, I'm an athlete, and I don't have any specific alignment or foot problems. I was just wondering whether orthotics could be beneficial regardless? What do you think is the best thing about orthotics?


Abeera Maham

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Yes, it'll be beneficial to all regardless of having foot or lower leg alignment issues or not. Scientific research shows that orthotics help redistribute the pressure through the foot, allowing areas of higher pressure to find relief and thus reducing foot pain when walking or running over long periods. Orthotics have been shown to reduce lower leg pain, improve overall posture and reduce injury in athletes. Athletic performance can be gained using orthotics by improving balance through the redistribution of the weight through the entire foot, providing a stable and cushioned surface to land on while running. Athletic performance is also gained through the improvement of balance and support through the foot, allowing for better motion control and reduction of fatigue in the lower limbs. The greatest benefit, however, is the injury prevention benefits of orthotics, especially in athletes with sustained repetitive movements, such as road runners. Results have shown to reduce plantar fasciitis and heel pain with the introduction of orthotics.

Tae Rice-Schlesinger

Tae Rice-Schlesinger

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

I tried to order the tennis orthotics, but was told by Upstep that they couldn't be made unless I was able to detal specific pain

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