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Which physical therapy exercises reduce tightening calf muscles?

Asked a year ago

I've been struggling with incredibly tight calf muscles and moving my feet since this cursed Achilles Tendonitis has come into play. I've been soaking in Epsom salts and using warm compressions in an effort to relax the muscles and reduce the pain, but overall the tension remains. I would love to be able to stretch them for relief, without aggravating the tendonitis. Is it at all possible to do this?

Brady Woodward

Thursday, August 25, 2022

Yes, stretching the Achilles tendon despite injury can fast-track recovery. The stretches loosen the tendon and improve its mobility. Additionally, you can incorporate strengthening exercises to keep the calf and heel muscles in optimal shape. Examples include toe-to-wall stretches, bilateral heel drop, soleus stretch, heel raises, etc.

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