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How can orthotics relieve bunion pain and inflammation?

Asked 2 years ago

I have been experiencing terrible pain in my feet for a few months now. When I went to the podiatrist, they said I have 4 bunions, hence the pain. It hurts on the arch of my feet and sometimes the sides. They are making me some orthotics, but I don’t see how that will take the pain away. How can I fix my bunions? The X-rays show a lot of inflammation and the pain is becoming unbearable. I’m on my feet all day, and it’s affecting my life very badly. What is the best pain relief? Even my widest pair of shoes hurt my feet.

Bailey Allison

Sunday, July 04, 2021

Custom orthotics won't cure your bunions, but they can reduce pain by providing cushioning and redistributing the pressure on your foot. Bunions are often associated with flat feet, and orthotics can help with alignment, pressure, and balance. Upstep has an insole specifically designed for people on their feet all day.

David Hay

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Suffering from bunion pain and think insoles are the answer?

In 99% of cases, using any kind of insole will not cure bunions under any circumstance. What they will do in most incidences is offer a little bit of support and cushioning around the area of the bunion to relieve a bit of pain. People that suffer from flat feet often suffer with bunions and other forms of inflammation so getting some insoles can be of some relief.

Jeremy Spencer

Friday, February 11, 2022

Orthotics will not cure your bunions, but they will provide pain relief and slow its progression. By redistributing pressure and providing arch support, a bunion metatarsal pad, for example, will prevent the bunion from worsening. This way, you can continue to perform your usual activities of daily living pain-free.

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