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Reviews of Custom Orthotics for Foot Pain Relief

Find the best custom orthotics to relieve foot pain and treat conditions such as plantar fasciitis, bunions, shin splints, supination, pronation, and more.


a man sitting at a table with a cardboard box on top of it

Upstep Custom Orthotics for Flat Feet—2024 Review

Flat feet occur when the arches of the feet are lower than normal or entirely absent. This condition can be congenital (present from birth) or develop over time due to factors like injury, age, or obe

Foot impression kit next to custom orthotics

Custom Orthotics for Plantar Fasciitis—2024 Review

No matter the type of orthotics, a good pair of foot orthotics will help reduce the symptoms of plantar fasciitis by reducing the strain on the plantar fascia while walking. However, while OTC orthoti

Black training shoes  with a custom orthotic

Running Custom Orthotics—2024 Review

While running offers many health benefits, it also places strain on the body. Injuries are far more likely without adequately managing this strain on the feet and legs. Whether you are doing it for fu

Fitness and Hiking Custom Orthotics

Fitness Walking & Hiking Custom Orthotics—2024 Review

Having and maintaining healthy feet is essential for both daily life and various sporting activities, such as walking, hiking, or spending a day on your feet at work. As you spend more time on your fe

A black  custom insole from Upstep, being held up on a box, against a brown background.

Insoles for Normal Everyday Activity—2024 Review

Custom insoles offer many benefits for those with foot complaints requiring symptom relief. However, people without serious foot ailments can also benefit from wearing insoles on a daily basis. They

One custom supination insole from Upstep resting against a white background.

Supination Custom Orthotics—2024 Review

Foot supination occurs when the body weight rolls on the outer borders of the foot during weight transfer when walking or running. While supination is a normal anatomical movement to a certain degree,

Foot impression kit next to custom orthotics

Custom Orthotics for Heel Pain—2024 Review

Custom orthotics are a cost-effective and conservative way to safely and effectively manage symptoms of heel pain that you may be experiencing. Orthotics work to reduce the impact placed through the h

Upstep On My Feet All Day custom insoles for standing and walking on concrete all day.

Insoles for Standing and Walking All Day—2024 Review

Your feet can only take so much strain before your body shows signs of stress, particularly in those who stand or walk for prolonged periods. Being on your feet for more than four hours a day can cau